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Spanish cooking is about more than just food; it is about celebrating a passion for life. It is invigorating, sensual, full of flavour and contains all the vital elements of a healthy Mediterranean diet. So come on a journey across Spain and discover a beautiful and diverse cuisine that will stimulate your senses, tantalize your taste buds and have you coming back for more and more!

Delicious Spanish Recipes has been inspired by over 25 years of travelling, living and cooking in Spain and aims to bring the healthiest and tastiest Spanish food straight to your kitchen so you can enjoy, share and experience the delightful flavours and vibrant colours of authentic Spanish cooking.


The philosophy

The philosophy of this site is simple; to deliver healthy and tasty Spanish recipes presented with a modern look and feel.

The site will include many traditional recipes but will often bring you contemporary versions of these old classics. The recipes are not only designed to look and taste fantastic but can be cooked easily in your own home.


Share the passion!

You can also get involved, just click on the links to send in your Spanish recipes. You can also send us wine and restaurant reviews as well as your interesting Spanish food stories!

Spanish food is all about family, friends and enjoying life so whatever level of cooking ability you have, it doesn't matter - just get stuck in! From simple rustic tapas dishes and hearty one-pot stews through to complex fine dining, Spanish cooking has something for everyone!

Want to get started? Why not visit our latest recipe page and see whats new?.

If you are not feeling brave enough to dive right in then maybe our Introduction to Spanish food is the place for you to start. This will tell you everything you need to know about Spanish food and the important part that it plays in every day Spanish life. Learn about the Spanish fiestas, how food is produced and meet some of the best Chefs from around Spain.

Spreading the word!

Every week our exciting team of writers from all over the world will bring you all the latest news, reviews and articles about Spanish food and drink.

Do you have a Spanish food story you would like to share or do you have a favourite Spanish restaurant or wine that we should know about? Get in touch and your feature or review could appear on our site.

An epic journey of discovery!

Spain is a lot more diverse than many people realise, even the climate varies greatly from region to region. This variety in culture, climate and landscape has a direct affect on the regional cuisine. Explore the different regions and the food and drink that defines each area and discover the origins of some of our recipes.

"Lets eat and drink before the world ends!"

Sometimes you just need to share a passion; whether it is with family, friends or anyone else who may be interested. So if you have a Spanish recipe or Spanish food experience that you would love to share then please feel free to contribute - fresh ideas are always welcome!

Remember, there is a saying in Spain that roughly translates as: "lets eat and drink before the world ends!" - So, with that in mind; "what are you waiting for!?"

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