1080 Recipes Review

Title: 1080 Recipes

Author: Simone Ortega, Ines Ortega

Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd

Hardcover: 848 pages

Every kitchen bookshelf needs a timeless classic and 1080 Recipes (original title 1080 Recetas) by Simone and Ines Ortega is a recently updated Spanish classic that should feature on the shelf of every aspiring cook. It is like a Spanish version of Good Housekeeping or Joy of Cooking and covers all the basics of Spanish home cooking.

If you are looking for a crowd-pleasing book to adorn the coffee table then this is probably not for you. This is a no-frills guide to teach you how to cook  traditional Spanish food and how to plan your weekly meals. It was originally published in the 1970s during the reign of Franco and was designed to teach Spanish families how to eat frugally, while still enjoying the very best flavours from their home-grown produce. As a result, it does offer a fascinating insight to the kind of food that Spanish households would have been preparing at a time when fine-dining was only just starting to make an appearance in the avant-garde restaurants of the Basque Country.

This is a great go-to book for all the basic sauces, pastries and preparation techniques, and it also offers a glimpse into some of the international cuisine that has made its way into the Spanish kitchen. It makes a great reference point for novices by offering some of the most basic tapas dishes you can imagine, but it also provides ideas and inspiration for more experienced cooks.

The authors take each ingredient and explain the origin, seasonal relevance and nutritional value and it also explain how to prepare, store and preserve them. As a result, you will also find plenty of simple ideas for using up store cupboard ingredients before they go to waste.

1080 Recipes - The Heart and Soul of the Spanish kitchen

With such a huge amount of recipes listed, there is something for everyone and just about every ingredient you can imagine is dealt with. The book also includes menu ideas from some of Spain's most celebrated chefs, ensuring that the entire spectrum of cooking ability is catered for. I find myself referring to this book on a regular basis and many an afternoon has been lost just flicking through the pages and jotting down new ideas.

This is a timeless book that gets to the heart and soul of the Spanish kitchen and celebrates the simple pleasures of everyday eating. A must have for anyone interested in Spanish cooking.

Follow the link to get your copy of 1080 Recipes by Simone and Ines Ortega.

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