Castilla y Leon recipes

flag-of-castilla-y-leonmap-of-castilla-y-leonRegion: Castilla and León, Castilla y León (Spanish), Castiella y Llión (Leonese)

Capital: Valladolid (Not officialy defined)

Provinces: Avila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid, Zamora

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catedral de salamancaThe largest region of Spain and famous and for its wood-fired ovens where the high quality meats produced in the valleys, mountains and on the great plains of Old Castile, are roasted to succulent perfection.

The meats are enjoyed with wonderful loaves of bread (the best in Spain?) and accompanied with delicious vegetables and pulses - such as pardina lentils - which are all produced in abundance in the region. The winters can become very cold here so hearty stews made with the strong flavour of garlic are popular along with meaty pies such as empanada de batallon and a variety of sausages, the best known of which are morcilla from Burgos and chorizo from Cantimpalo. The food here is not fussy or over-worked it is simple rustic and wholesome; this is country cooking at its traditional best.

For those that enjoy tapas then a trip to the city of Leon is a must; the bars and restaurants in this unspoilt city with its gothic charms, are doing their best to keep the authentic Spanish tapas culture alive and well. Mingle with the locals and students as you make your way from bar to bar enjoying the speciality of each establishment accompanied by a glass of beer or some of the oustanding local wines. Traditional Castilla y Leon recipes are served tapas-style alongside more familiar tapas from across Spain.

Castilla y Leon recipes

Lentil and chorizo stew

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