Andoni Luis Aduriz

by Neil Morris - 01 August 2012

cien y picoMugaritz restaurant, near San Sebastián in the Basque Country, first opened its doors to the public in March 1998 under the direction of legendary chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. It has since become known as one of the best restaurants in the world and currently resides at number four in "The world's 50 best restaurants" list compiled by Restaurant magazine. The restaurant has been described as "the most important gastronomic phenomenon in the world in recent years" and has received rave reviews from the world's media. This burgeoning reputation has propelled the restaurant into the limelight and it has become one of the worlds premier dining destinations; food enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Mugaritz just to sample the work of chef Aduriz.

After a unremarkable academic performance at school, Andoni Luis Aduriz began his culinary journey early at the Catering School of San Sebastian. After learning vital skills and techniques from many pioneers of Basque cuisine, his life changed when he joined the exclusive team at El Bulli (near Barcelona), working under legendary chef Ferran Adrià between 1993 and 1994. It was clear that Aduriz was an incredible talent and it was not long before he decided to start his own adventure, opening Mugaritz in 1998.

After just two years Aduriz earned his first Michelin star for Mugaritz and other awards came flooding in including first place in Spain's National Gastronomy Prize in 2002 and the Esodic Gastronomy Prize for best restaurateur in 2003, awarded by the Basque Academy of Gastronomy. In 2012 he received the Chef's Choice Award presented by the chefs that are part of the "The worlds 50 best restaurants" list. In 2006 Mugaritz was awarded a second Michelin star and went straight into the top ten of "The worlds 50 best restaurants".


Aduriz is a member and supporter of many Basque cooking organizations and is a leading advocate of the science and innovation of Basque cuisine. He has taught in many of the worlds great cooking establishments and has ensured, along with his contemporaries, that The Basque Country remains a leading force in World cuisine.

He is a creative and collaborative chef who participates in many cultural activities beyond gastronomy including theatre, art and publishing. He stands alone in his approach to his craft and is always searching for new ways to evaluate and innovate the methodology of the profound universe that Mugaritz inhabits.


Despite all the success, things have not always been plain sailing for this talented chef and in February 2010 his resolve was tested when a short circuit caused a fire in the kitchen at Mugaritz. The damage was devastating and the restaurant was closed for four months for emergency renovation work. After the fire, Aduriz and his team were overwhelmed by the support that was expressed from around the world and this expression of solidarity gave them the incentive to continue the project. The hard work that followed was justified when the restaurant was voted fifth best restaurant in the world in 2010 and third in 2011, a position which was retained in 2012.

Aduriz continues to evolve his cooking; he explores nature, discovers texture, studies emotions and challenges the senses in a constant pursuit of new experiences. He once wrote: ""Cooking isn't, wasn't, and will not be enough," and in the world of scientific cuisine where it seems there is nothing new to discover, chefs like Aduriz make you wonder if we have even scratched the surface.

At the time of writing, Mugaritz currently has a waiting list of approximately seven weeks. For more information please follow the link below to visit the restaurants website.



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