Aragon Recipes

"A world of classical essence and subtle innovation"

The traditional Aragon recipes that can be found in this land-locked region can best be described as simple and classical.The cuisine remains largely uninfluenced by the world of modern cooking with only subtle evolutionary changes occurring over the course of time. For this largely agricultural region, this demonstrates a great confidence in the ingredients and in the local cooking methods.

This confidence is justified as Aragon produces some of the finest meat and produce in all of Spain. The ham (jamon) from Teruel in particular is of very high quality and is renowned all over the country. So much so, that each year, the top ham cutters from all over Spain gather at the Teruel jamon fair in September to compete for the top prize.

The area is also famous for its lamb, such as the highly-regarded suckling variety called ternasco, while the liver of local pork is wrapped in stomach lining and known as fardeles. Chicken forms the main ingredient of the popular dish known as chilindron, a tasty stew made with tomatoes and red peppers.

As well as forming the basis of many stews and casseroles, meat and game are often simply cooked in the delicious extra-virgin olive oil which is produced from the local empeltre and arbequina olive varieties which can be found in the south of the region.

The green mountain pastures of Aragon produce many fine cheeses including Tronchón (cited by Cervantes in Don Quixote) which is made from blended goats and sheeps milk, and resembles a globe with a crater on the top. This smooth, aromatic cheese is the perfect partner for the fine green olives of the region and together they make an ideal accompaniment to any Aragon dinner.

Other cheese varieties from the region include Echo y Ansó, Biescas, Patamulo, Radiquero, Benabarre, Pañoleta, Sahún, El Burgo and Chistabín.

The region is the perfect place for a taste of traditional Spanish cooking. Aragon recipes use high quality ingredients and simple methods to produce outstanding flavour.

Aragon also has a reputation for producing some excellent wines from denominations such as Campo de Borja, Calatayud, Cariñena and Somontana. Click here to discover the wines of Aragon.

Region: Aragon, Aragón (Spanish), Aragón (Aragonese), Aragó (Catalan)

Capital: Zaragoza

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Aragon Recipes

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