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When it comes to buying saffron; quality and flavour is everything. Fortunately, it is now possible to buy the highest grade of Spanish Saffron online from one of the most respected suppliers in the business.

The distinctive and luxurious flavour of saffron has played an important in Spanish cuisine since it was introduced to the country by the Moors over a thousand years ago.  The delicate stigmas of the Crocus Sativus Linnaeus flowers are known as the Saffron Rose and are a prized ingredient in Spanish cooking.


To really appreciate the flavour of saffron it is important to buy a product of the very highest quality. The best Spanish saffron is from the Azafrán de la Mancha D.O.P (Denominación de Origen) and is widely recognised as the finest in the world. Once your senses have been exposed to the flavour and aroma of the purest saffron, there really is no going back.

Our partners at Spanish-Saffron are based in Barcelona’s world famous Boqueria market and are dedicated to supplying only the highest grade of Spanish saffron to customers from all over the world. If you want to be sure that you are buying the very best Spanish saffron we recommend that you pay a visit to their website where you will find quality saffron products available in many different quantities.


As well as being a vital ingredient in Spanish cuisine, saffron is also famed for its health-giving properties. It has many medical applications and has been used in the treatment of various ailments. For further information about the health benefits of this magical product, please visit the Spanish-Saffron website.

Many of Spain’s most famous dishes rely on saffron to achieve their distinctive flavour, most notably paella. However, it’s not just savoury dishes that can benefit from a pinch of saffron. Many sweet Spanish dishes including cakes and biscuits also take advantage of the honey-like burst of flavour that saffron delivers.

Saffron is such a versatile spice that it can also be used in beauty treatments and aromatherapy. In fact, throughout history, saffron has had a myriad of applications and was once even used as a valuable currency. It really is the gold of the spice world.

To achieve an authentic Spanish flavour in your own kitchen, look no further than "Spanish-Saffron".

To view their full range of products and to order your Spanish saffron today, please visit their website.


To find out more about the history of saffron, please click here.

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