Cantabria recipes

flag of cantabriamap-of-cantabriaRegion: Cantabria (Same in English, Basque, Spanish)

Capital: Santander (Population; 591,886 - 2009)

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Unsurprisingly, due to its prime coastal location, seafood plays a major role in Cantabria, particularly in the Santander area where sardines, hake, squid and shellfish dominate the menus. The local bonito is used in the stew called sorropotun, which is similar to the Basque dish marmitako; hake is cooked in a green sauce with parsley and clams or with mussels, cider and brandy and squid is fried in breadcrumbs and served simply as a snack with lemon juice and salt.

Cocido montañés is a traditional Cantabria recipe of stew based around pork, beans and cabbage and many of the meat dishes are cooked in a stew style which is typical of the northern farming regions of Spain.

The signature pastry-style dessert of the area is the sobao which is an oven baked delicacy flavoured with lemon and liquor.liebana-pena-ventosa

The area is also produces many of its own cheeses the most famous of which is Picón Bejes-Tresviso, also known as picos blue, which is a distinctive blue cheese made from a mixture of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk and has a pungent aroma and strong flavour. The cheese is made in the Picos De Europa mountains; blue cheeses were originally introduced to the area by the French Pilgrims. It is notable for the fact that it is wrapped in leaves (usually maple or chestnut) and matured in dark, damp caves for several months.

Cantabria recipes


Hake with almond and saffron sauce

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