Cien y Pico 2008 Doble Pasta

Reviewed by Neil Morris

cien y picoStyle: Red

Variety: Garnacha (Tintorera)

Year: 2008

Alcohol: 13.5%

Denominación de Origen: Mancheula (Castilla la Mancha)

The wine

A Spaniard, an Italian, a Bulgarian and an Australian walked into a vineyard...No; it's not the beginning of some lame joke, bit it is the beginning of a new era for the long neglected vineyards in Mahora where the self-proclaimed "winemakers-errant"; Luis Juminez Garcia, Nicola Tucci, Elena Golakova Brooks and Zar Brooks, began their quest to rejuvenate these 19th century vines.

So far, these experienced winemakers have produced two young wines from the gnarly old vines in this small village in La Mancha; the Knights-errant Tintorera and the Doble Pasta Tintorera reviewed here.

Boasting a label similar in design to the band of a Cohiba cigar, this bottle expresses character and wit; something the creators clearly possess. Luckily that character goes much deeper than the label because this is a wine of exceptional depth and quality. Unmistakeably Spanish, the Doble Pasta delivers a rustic fruitiness that is true to the philosophy of its makers and celebrates the natural richness of the untamed Garnacha vines.

It has an invigorating nose of dark blueberries with a touch of spice and exhibits an earthy taste of cherries combined with bitter dark chocolate. Finally it has a satisfying creamy finish that fades impeccably just in time for the next mouthful. All in all, an impressive and affordable maverick wine that truly speaks for itself.

Rating: 8.5/10 (info on scoring system)

Cien y Pico Doble Pasta 2008

Price: £10.95 (Whistles Wines of Exeter)

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