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Delicious Spanish Recipes began life over a few glasses of Cava and some tapas in a dark corner of a Barcelona bar in 2011. The idea was to deliver healthy and tasty Spanish recipes, presented with a modern look and feel that can be easily cooked at home. These recipes would be combined with relevant and informative articles about all aspects of Spanish cuisine. And so the journey began.....

Founder and Editor

The website was founded by editor Neil Morris. As well as handling the editing and technical aspects of the site, Neil also compiles the recipes and writes many of the articles and reviews.

Design credits

The website was designed and built by Neil using modified elements of original template concepts by the brilliant AJ at node thirty three design and the equally talented Matthew James Taylor. Check out their websites to see the amazing work they are doing in the world of CSS and web development.

Image credits

The images on are a combination of our own original photographs and images that have been obtained legally from many reputable sources including PDphotos, Stock.xchng, and the Creative Commons project (including Wikimedia, Fotopedia and the Open clip art library).

Many of the images are licensed under Creative Commons licenses and where appropriate are attributed to the author. Licensed photos will link to the author/license page when clicked on and the information contained in these pages should be used to gain licensing information for copying, transforming or distributing these images.

Some non-attributed images are license-free but many are the property of and you must contact us directly for information regarding these images before using them for any purpose to avoid infringement of copyright.

Content Contributors:

Neil Morris

Shelley Morris

Alex Crossley

Hannah Schlotter

Ainhoa Barrio

Kristine Escarilla

Delicious Spanish recipes welcomes contributions from guests including photos, articles, recipes and reviews. All contibutions that are used will be attributed to the individual authors where appropriate. You can find more information about contributing to the site here.

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