Top 5 Food Destinations in Spain

by Kristine - 17 August 2015

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Top 5 Food Destinations in Spain

As the number of world-class Spanish chefs and restaurants increases in Spain, more and more people from around the world consider the country to be an ideal destination for exploring and discovering new culinary experiences.

Since Spain is divided into many distinct regions, visitors can have a very different food experience depending on where they choose to travel.

Numerous outstanding restaurants owned by well-known chefs can be found dotted throughout every region. Or if you prefer, you can explore local bars, cafes and markets where wonderful flavors and surprising experiences are never too far away.

So, if you are planning a Spanish gastronomic adventure, check out our guide to the top 5 food destinations in Spain.

The Basque Country

The Basque Country boasts more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants. As a result, the region in Northern Spain makes a perfect destination to experience world-class fine dining.

Near San Sebastian, the 2-Michelin-star Mugaritz restaurant offers techno-emotional Spanish cuisine, which continues to amaze and surprise its diners. There you can enjoy such renowned dishes such as “edible stones.”

In Biarritz, the one-Michelin-star Les Rosiers restaurant will certainly delight you with its typically-modern approach to local cuisine.

Other restaurants of note include Azurmendi, Extabarri, Arzak and Berasategui. But if fine-dining is not on your agenda just head to San Sebastian and prepare to be blown away as you crawl your way through the pintxo bars sampling the bite-size dishes that adorn the bar-tops.



Another superb food destination in Spain is Sevilla, where the choice of high quality tapas bars is endless. In this Andalucian city, you will discover a wide range of restaurants, from the most traditional to the thoroughly modern.

In San Lorenzo, you must check out Bar Alcoy 10, where you can try some great-tasting innovative food alongside traditional local dishes.

Over in Alameda, La Madraza serves an excellent choice of Andalucian tapas dishes as well as larger plates for those with a bigger appetite; while in Puerta Carmona, the family-run Becerrita restaurant has an extensive list of the finest wines and is one of the best places to eat typical Andalucian fare.



What better place to enjoy Spanish food than in the birthplace of Paella! Many visitors to Valencia are attracted by the superb range local food, and in particular, the world famous paella dish. In fact, almost all of the restaurants in the town serve this famous Valencian dish.

When you go to Restaurant Arribar, you will see Paella Valenciana on the menu alongside other delightful Mediterranean dishes. You can also go to Palace Fesol to try one of the many varieties of Paella on offer as well an amazing range of seafood dishes.

At Las Cuevas, you will a range of unique and modern tapas dishes in addition to the more typical dishes that are also prepared in the busy kitchen.

As an alternative to paella, you could also sample another local specialty known as ‘Fideuà.’ This dish is similar to paella but uses small pieces of pasta instead of rice and can be found in all good local restaurants.



With all its cosmopoliton charm and outstanding Spanish cuisine, who could resist Barcelona? Whether you are a food lover or not, it’s hard not to be seduced by sights and smells of the city’s many restaurants and bars.

The choice can be bewildering but Barcelona certainly offers something for everyone.  You can try some classic and modern dishes at Gaig, where only the best fresh ingredients are used. You must also consider dining at Les Pescadores, where the seafood tastes heavenly.

For a premier quality dining experience, Cinc Sentits serves traditional cuisine that will truly delight your senses, while ABAC provides the finest modern Catalan menus in a very elegantly sophisticated ambience.

For some Galician fare, head to Bar Celta or why not join the queue of eager locals at Cal Pep for some legendary seafood.



Last but by no means least, is Galicia. This beautiful region in the northwest of Spain is a popular holiday destination amongst Spaniards and it not hard to see why.

Amazing scenery, hundreds of beaches and perhaps the best seafood in the world make Galicia a food lover’s paradise.

Crawl the tapas bars of Vigo and discover some great local dishes or head to O Bocoi in the small village of Combarro near Pontevedra for a shellfish extravaganza in an incredible setting.

In fact anywhere you go in the region, you will find high quality seafood at very reasonable prices and of course, you have to sample the local favourite, ‘Pulpo Gallego’ (Galician octopus).


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