Gran Cerdo Tempranillo - 2010

Reviewed by Neil Morris - 31 August 2012

Gran Cerdo TempranilloStyle: Red

Variety: Tempranillo

Alcohol by volume: 13%

Year: 2010

Region: La Rioja (de-classified)

Producer: thewinelove

The region

wineloveDespite hailing from La Rioja, this wine is not classified in the Rioja DO. In order to make ends meet and keep the price down, independent wine maker Gonzalo Gonzalo has over-cropped the permitted amount of vines-per-hectare and as a result the wine has been de-classified.

Rather than hindering the sale of this wine, the de-classification has been cleverly used in the marketing strategy. The playful but scathing label displays a rebellious streak that sticks two fingers up at the establishment and the totally natural production methods have resulted in a pure and honest wine that has been made with complete freedom of expression.

To make a wine in this unadulterated fashion requires bravery and talent; the wine is stripped-down and laid-bare with only the skill of the wine maker and the quality of ingredients capable of affecting its legacy - this is Rioja unplugged.

The wine

The moment you open this wine you are hit by the fruity aroma of pomegranate along with hints of blackcurrant and mint. Once tasted, the pomegranate theme continues along with a cocktail of red fruits followed by an earthy, mossy flavour with touches of sage, coriander, nettle and spice. There is no flavour of oak just clean mineral tones and a fresh berry finish.

This is the kind of distinctive and mesmerizing wine that can attract a cult following; it is also easy to drink and incredible value but with only 16,00 bottles made, grab it while you can!

Rating: 9/10 (info on scoring system)

Gran Cerdo / Tempranillo - 2010

Price: £8.50 Regency wines (UK)

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