La Chinata Premium smoked paprika

by Neil Morris

la-chinata-premiumWhen it comes to paprika, ‘La Chinata’ is one of the world’s most familiar brands. The company is based in the heart of the Extremadura region of Spain where the very best ‘Pimenton de la Vera’ is produced under Protected Origin Denomination.

As you can imagine, paprika is a regular ingredient in the Delicious Spanish Recipe kitchen, so we were excited to hear about the new ‘Premium’ range from La Chinata.

La Chinata Premium smoked paprika is produced from the skins of peppers that are manually selected for their superior quality. The aim of this methodical process is to produce a paprika with a quality like no other. To find out if the product really delivers on flavour, we have been using it exclusively in our kitchen for the last six weeks. So what was the verdict?

The first thing you notice about the new range is the packaging. La Chinata have departed from their traditional red tins and replaced them with shiny silver ones to really make the Premium range stand out. The products can also be purchased in a choice of presentation boxes that would make ideal gifts for your foodie friends.


Once you open the tin, a wonderful aroma is released and you immediately know that is a product of the finest quality. The powder inside is rich, red and fine, which gives a strong impression of it's purity.

We used a mixture of the sweet and hot premium varieties in our patatas bravas recipe and the difference in flavour was instantly noticeable. The sauce for this recipe is always delicious, even when made with standard paprika, but the premium product gave it a richer flavour that was almost creamy on the palate.

Over the next few weeks, we used the hot premium paprika in several other recipes including marmitako, chilli con carne, patatas a la riojana and fideua. We were impressed by the overall depth of flavour and pleasant kick of heat that it delivered. The sweet variety was also used in many dishes including lentil and chorizo stew, seafood paella, fabada and pisto manchego. It was also sprinkled on the top of huevos rotos (broken eggs) and used as flavouring in mayonnaise.

The verdict was unanimous; the premium range from La Chinata is one of the best quality smoked paprika products that you can buy. The flavour is intense without being overpowering and it delivers a subtle blend of smoothness and richness that can elevate even the humblest of dishes to a luxurious level.

We will still be using the traditional La Chinata paprika in our daily food preparation but for special occasions, weekend treats or gatherings of family and friends, the premium range will be our new ‘magic’ ingredient.


To find our more about La Chinata, please read our article.

To view their full range of products and to order your La Chinata Premium paprika today, please click here.

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