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la-chinata-logoHere at Delicious Spanish Recipes, we have tried many different types of paprika but “La Chinata" is the one brand that we can always rely on for quality and flavour. We take a closer look at the company that has become a household name in the world of Spanish cooking.

It’s impossible to talk about Spanish food without mentioning paprika (or “pimenton” as it is known in Spain). This remarkable spice, made from dried chilli peppers, is a vital ingredient in many well-known Spanish dishes including Paella, Patatas Bravas and Fabada Asturiana. Paprika has been used in Spanish cuisine as far back as the 17th century, and when it comes to Spanish paprika, there are few brands as well-recognised around the world as "La Chinata."

Founded in Caceres nearly 40 years ago, NETASA (Norte Extremena de Transformados Agrícolas S.A.) has been producing "La Chinata" smoked paprika in the heart of Extremadura ever since. The Caceres province is the birthplace of “Pimenton de la Vera” - the name given to the highest quality paprika from the region.

pimenton-de-la-veraThe company is dedicated to offering their customers the best possible products and this is achieved through a rigorous quality control process. As a result of their commitment, "La Chinata" paprika has been awarded the “Pimenton de la Vera” Guarantee of Origin which confirms their status as a brand of esteemed quality.

The name "La Chinata" describes the inhabitants of Malpartida de Plasencia, the village where company founder Florentino Oliva was born. Today, his children and grandchildren continue in his footsteps, providing small innovations that do not compromise the traditional production process.

The distinctive red tins of the company’s products are instantly recognisable and can be found on kitchen shelves in more than 40 countries worldwide. Despite this success, the products are still made from beginning to end in their land of origin; and with such a reputation to uphold, they are always subjected to the same level of quality control, from farm to store cupboard.

When you buy Paprika made by NETASA, you can be sure that the product has been prepared, processed and produced in the region of La Vera using local peppers. Only paprika produced in this way can receive the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status.


Paprika made in La Vera is smoke-dried using the wood from Holm oak trees. This gives the paprika its distinctive flavour that distinguishes it from the sun-dried varieties found in other regions such a Murcia.

It is this smoky flavour that can also be found in chorizo, the famous Spanish cured sausage. Butchers across Spain have traditionally used bittersweet “Pimenton de La Vera” to add flavour as well as colour to their sausages. If you open a tin of smoked paprika, you will instantly associate the smell with Spanish chorizo.

To achieve an authentic Spanish flavour in your own kitchen, you cannot go wrong with “La Chinata”. Read our review of their premium range here.

To view their full range of products and to order your paprika today, please visit their website.


To find out more about the history and manufacturing of paprika, as well as the different varieties, please click here

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