Restaurante Lechuga Malaga

by Neil Morris - 3 June 2013

restaurante-lechuga-malagaRestaurante Lechuga
Plaza de la Mercad 1,
29012 Malaga,


Restaurante Lechuga is a relative newcomer to the Malaga restaurant scene and finds itself positioned right next door to Meson Cortijo de Pepe, one of Malaga's oldest and best-loved tapas bars. However, rather than take on the old guard at their own game, they have sensibly decided to offer something completely different from their illustrious neighbours.

The name Lechuga (lettuce) may give the impression that this is a vegetarian establishment but this is not the case – the name refers to the impressive range of salads that are a speciality of the restaurant. But Lechuga is not all about salads; they also offer a delicious selection of contemporary tapas dishes influenced by cuisine from around the world. You can choose from an eclectic mix of Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Swedish, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, French and Spanish. The menu is concise but varied and the dishes are presented in a modern style.lechuga-tapas

The restaurant itself has a relaxed, student hang-out feel and the colourful walls are used to exhibit original artwork that can also be purchased. The service is cheerful and the food is presented with an artistic pride that is bound to impress. The tapas dishes are generous in size and three or four will satisfy two people, especially when ordered with a salad and followed by one of the tempting desserts.


The salads certainly live up to their reputation for size and flavour but I am not entirely convinced that they quite justify the price-tag of nearly 10 Euros in the current economic climate - you can get a similarly generous salad for 7 Euros or less elsewhere in Malaga.

If you fancy a break from the traditional local tapas or have over indulged on fried fish then Lechuga Malaga offers a fresh alternative.

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