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by Neil Morris - 20 May 2012

lunya-logoCatalonian Fusion Restaurant and Deli
18–20 College Lane,
Liverpool One,
L1 3DS

My first visit to Lunya was in 2008; not long after local businessman Peter Kinsella had realised his vision of opening a Catalonian fusion restaurant and deli in the heart of Liverpool.

Four years on and the restaurant is now firmly established as one of Liverpool's premier dining venues. The evolution of the restaurant and deli has been impressive and is clear evidence that Peter is certainly not someone to rest on his laurels. After early rave reviews and multiple awards it would have been easy to play it safe but Peter has continued to push Lunya forward in his quest to create an authentic Catalonian dining experience.

The menu is an ambitious mix of tapas and a la carte meals that combine high quality fresh local ingredients with carefully sourced Spanish artisan products to produce authentic dishes but often with a distinctive local twist ('Catalan Scouse' being a prime example!).

To really appreciate Lunya Liverpool you have to embrace the concept; this is a restaurant that serves food from 9:00am until late at night and is open seven days a week. It is not about fine-dining or the pursuit of Michelin stars; it is about escapism, relaxation and enjoying food and drink in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The fact that such a place can also produce great food on a consistent basis is undoubtedly an impressive achievement.

The restaurant has gone a long way to achieving the authentic back-street Barcelona vibe that it strives to recreate but at the same time it feels distinctively 'Liverpool' and is welcoming, honest and down to earth. The recent addition of the downstairs bar means that Lunya is a now a place where you can just hang out and soak up the atmosphere.

The standard of the cooking has nearly always been excellent on my several visits to Lunya, with only the very occasional disappointment (an underwhelming 'salt cod cottage pie' springs to mind) but the overall experience has always made up for any rare culinary gripe.

Lunya is certainly a place I always visit when I am in Liverpool and with the recent improvements to the bar and not forgetting the best Spanish deli outside of London, I will certainly be heading back next time I am in town.


Twitter: @Lunya

Recipe: Catalan Scouse

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