Michelin Guide Spain 2015

by Neil Morris - 19 November 2014

Michelin Guide Spain 2015Last night saw the launch of the Michelin Guide Spain 2015 at Hotel Los Monteros in Marbella.

As usual, the event revealed the recipients of this year’s coveted 2015 Michelin stars for Spain and Portugal.

Angel Leon of Aponiente in Cadiz was the only chef in Spain to win a second Michelin star this year and there were no new restaurants awarded third stars.

A total of 19 restaurants received their first stars with Madrid leading the way with five new recipients.

As a result of the awards, Spain and Portugal now has 154 establishments with one star, 21 with two and eight with the coveted three-star accolade.


Here is a list of the restaurants that gained and lost stars this year.

Gained one star:
Aizian - Bilbao
Albora - Madrid
Andreu Genestra - Capdepera, Mallorca
Can Dani - Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, Formentera
Casa Manolo - Daimu Valencia
DSTAgE - Madrid
The Carmen Montesion - Toledo
El Retiro - Pancar-Llanes, Asturias
Elkano - Getaria, Guipúzcoa
Kazan - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
La Cabra - Madrid
The Lobita - Navaleno, Soria
Montia - San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid
Nova - Orense
Pakta - Barcelona
Point MX - Madrid
Refectorio - Sardon de Duero, Valladolid
Simply Fosh - Palma de Mallorca
Tatau Bistro - Huesca

Lost one star:
L'Aliança d'Angles - Angles, Girona
Delacalle - Aranjuez, Madrid (Closed)
41º - Barcelona (Closed for renovations)
La Llar - Castello d'Empúries, Girona (Closed)
Ars Natura - Basin (Closed temporarily)
Mas Pau - Figueres, Girona (Closed)
Fontanars dels Alforins Valencia Julio (Closed)
Zalacaín - Madrid
Bal d'Onsera - Zaragoza

Gained a second star:
Aponiente - El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz

The remaining restaurants kept their current one, two or three star status.

Click here to get your copy of the Michelin Guide España & Portugal 2015 (Michelin Guides)

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