Top 5 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Spain

by Kristine - 14 August 2015

michelin-guideGuest Spanish food blogger, Kristine Escarilla, gives us the lowdown on some of the hottest Michelin-starred Restaurants in Spain right now...

Spain is not only famous for its tapas bars and paella but also for its world-class restaurants. Michelin-starred venues can be found all over in Spain, but many are located in the Basque Country region, where there are more than 30 Michelin-starred chefs are currently plying their trade.

To receive this prestigious accolade, a restaurant must possess a very distinct set of characteristics that sets them apart from other establishments. For the anonymous reviewers; high quality service, luxury table settings and plush interiors are not sufficient basis alone for awarding Michelin stars. The priority must always be given to the food and that means consistency, personality and quality, as well as “mastery of technique.”

Since there are son many Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Spain, it is a perfect destination for the food lovers who are searching for superb and extraordinary fare. Here are the top 5 Michelin-starred restaurants that you should not miss while you are visiting Spain.

Top 5 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Spain 2015 (Arguably, of course!)


Serving cutting-edge Basque-style food, this 3-starred Michelin restaurant is situated on top of a hill in Larrabetzu, and has been specially designed with glass walls to take full advantage of the stunning views. With its remarkable vistas and striking appearance, Azurmendi is not only remembered by diners for its exceptional cuisine, but also for its location and impressive architecture. It is owned by Chef Eneko Atxa, who has previously worked with the famous Basque Chef Martín Berasategui. Eneko Atxa is known for his innovative cuisine and his refined technical ability. The diners can expect some surprises during their tour of the restaurant’s kitchen and garden before they finally settle down and enjoy their tasting meal in the stunning environment of the restaurant’s dining room.


Quique DaCosta

Quique DaCosta’s eponymous 3-starred Michelin restaurant is located near a beach in Dénia. The restaurant’s former name was El Poblet but was later changed to Quique DaCosta when the chef took over the family-run establishment in 1999. The diners can expect to encounter modernist, traditional and creative cuisine served with delicate and artistic presentation, and delivering distinctive flavor profiles. Remarkably, many of the dishes consist of just two or three ingredients which are sourced locally from the nearby market.



Offering fusion-style cuisine, DiverXo is a 3-starred Michelin restaurant located in the country’s capital, Madrid. It is owned by Chef David Muñoz, who learned many of his culinary techniques while working at Viridiana and Balzac in Spain, and Nobu and Hakkasan in London. With the chef’s culinary experience and eclectic taste, the diners at DiverXo can expect a pleasing combination of Eastern and European flavors as well as some Japanese and Chinese specialties dishes. The diners are not only introduced to a unique mixture of cuisines but they are also given various implements, from spatulas to chopsticks to help them experience a more authentic and practical way of eating their food. With its outstanding presentation and superb flavors, a visit to DiverXo is always an unforgettable experience.


Located in the town of Axpe, Resaurante Extebarri first opened its doors in 1988 when former timber worker Victor Arguinzoniz set about delivering traditional wood-fired Spanish cooking to the locals. Serving stunning Spanish fare in such a unique fashion has helped Extebarri to set itself apart from the rest of Spain’s Michelin-starrred restaurants. As a result, it makes a perfect destination for those who are looking for high quality ingredients cooked to smoky perfection on the specially-made grills. The grilled and smoked dishes at Extebarri are all made using fresh Basque Country produce and, although the presentation is quite simple, the flavors of the dishes at Extebarri have achieved legendary status throughout the culinary world.



This 2015 2-starred Michelin restaurant boasts an extraordinary range of seafood dishes. Located in El Puerto De Santa María, Cadiz, Aponiente is owned by Chef Ángel León, who is also known as the “chef of the sea” for his groundbreaking discoveries in the world of Spanish seafood gastronomy. Also a celebrity chef, Ángel León often appears on local TV and is a popular speaker at international gastronomic conferences. His previous job as a sailor and his ongoing dedication to marine research has greatly influenced the dishes he serves at the restaurant. As a result, Aponiente is known for serving stunning seafood dishes that are often made using rare or unusual ingredients. Rather than the predictable sea bass and cod dishes, diners can expect to find less common fish species such as ling, meager and herring on the menu as well as unique sea products such as algae and plankton.


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