Murcia recipes

Murcia recipesmap-of-murciaRegion: Region of Murcia, Región de Murcia (Spanish)

Capital: Murcia

Statute of Autonomy: June 9, 1982

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Known as "the garden kingdom", the region of Murcia is blessed with a warm climate that is ideal for growing high quality produce; as a result the area has long been a major supplier of fruits, vegetables, rice, nuts, pulses and flowers to the rest of Spain and Europe.

It is no surprise that the quality of ingredients is reflected in the food; and the Capital City - also called Murcia - has a reputation for some of the best tapas in Spain. The diversity and abundance of ingredients means that Murcia recipes can satisfy a variety of dietary preferences more than most Spanish regions.

The Mar Menor (little sea) is a lagoon in the south-east area of the community and is a source of much of the wonderful fish and shellfish that can be found in the local bars and restaurants. Fish here is cooked every way you can imagine; fried, roasted, barbecued, grilled, baked in salt or stewed fisherman-style in a caldero with local ñora peppers, rice and the wonderfully juicy local tomatoes. It’s fresh, simple, high quality and tasty.

In Calasparra some of the best rice in the world is grown and it has its own Denominación de Origen. The rice has been grown and exported for centuries and is now famous worldwide and used in many Murcia recipes and other Spanish dishes including paella.

There are many variations of the local stew olla gitana (one of my favourite Murcia recipes) but the main ingredients are always a mixture of seasonal produce and include fruit, veg, pulses and herbs.

Broad beans are popular and are often served as Michirones;  a tapas dish with ham, chorizo, garlic, sweet pimentón and bay leaves. The dish is sweet from the young, fresh garlic and salty from the meat and it makes a lovely balanced dish.

Murcia recipes

Olla gitana

Stuffed peppers with rice

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