Porra Antequera (Salmorejo)

Recipe by Neil Morris - 14 August 2013


Region: Andalucia

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking time: no cooking

Oven temp: no cooking

Difficulty: easy

Serves: 4+


If you visit a tapas bar in Andalucia, particularly in the Malaga area, you will probably see Porra Antequera on the menu. If you venture inland past Antequera and towards Cordoba then you will encounter a similar dish called Salmorejo. Although the name is different, the principle of the dish is the same: a cold thick tomato based snack, topped with egg tuna and ham. The recipe will change form bar to bar and everyone will claim to have the best!

This version is simple and was picked up in the town of Antequeara itself, so it should be pretty authentic. The dish is quite thick and is designed to be served as a small tapas dish rather than a large meal.

The texture, consistency and flavour can easily be adjusted to suit you palate and the dish is very simple to make.

Shopping list

  • pitted green olives (aceitunas verdes sin hueso)
  • pickled baby onions (cebollitas)
  • pickled red chillies (chiles en vinagre rojo)
  • pickled gherkins (pepinillos en vinagre)
  • tinned anchovies (anchoas en conserva)
  • sticks for piercing (palillos)

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Wrap the anchovy fillets around a piece of gherkin and pierce with a toothpick/cocktail stick. Repeat the spearing process with the chili, onion and olive and serve with cold beer or wine.

Note: The sticks used for piercing pintxos or tapas are often made from bamboo and referred to as palillos. This is also the name given to chopsticks.

Alternatively, use ingredients of your choice such as pickled artichoke hearts, quails eggs, cheese, cornichons, capers, cherry tomatoes etc.

You can make them in advance and store them in a jar of distilled malt/spirit vinegar (you could use the jar of vinegar that the onions came in).

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