Quinta el Refugio Tinta de Toro - 2009

Reviewed by Neil Morris - 24 August 2012

Quinta el RefugioStyle: Red

Variety: Tempranillo

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%

Year: 2009

Denominación de Origen: Toro (Castilla y Leon)

The region

The Toro region used to have a reputation for producing brash and heavy wines that were high in alcohol content and somewhat challenging on the palate. This did not mean that they made bad wine, but as tastes for more delicate and refined flavours developed, so the Toro region became overshadowed by its more forward-thinking neighbours such as Ribero del Duero. The wine makers of Toro took notice of this and armed with modern techniques and equipment, they set about taming the wild and robust flavours of the thick-skinned strain of Tempranillo (known as 'Tinta de Toro') that grows here. Well, that was nearly twenty years ago and today, this 2009 wine from Bodegas Torreduero is a fine example of what is now being produced in this unique region.

The wine

This is my kind of wine; it is punchy and in-your-face but elegant at the same time, it has plummy fruit flavours and a spicy complexity, it is robust and intense but has subtle touches of malt and vanilla from the five months spent ageing in American oak. This is certainly not a wine for those that enjoy light and easy drinking reds but if you like to be challenged, stimulated and ultimately surprised by your wine, then this red makes a perfect adversary. Pair with spicy meat or char-grilled fish dishes or enjoy with strong cheese and chilli chutney.

The quality, complexity and price of this wine, once again proves that it is worth looking beyond your local supermarkets to find real value to quality ratio.

Rating: 8.5/10 (info on scoring system)

Quinta el Refugio / Tinta de Toro - 2009

Price: £7.50 Regency wines (UK)

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