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Most people have heard of tapas; in fact the small snack-size Spanish dishes are now appearing all over the world in speciality bars and restaurants. They have been elevated from humble snacks designed to accompany drinks, to a sophisticated, ritualistic way of eating that has become almost an art form.

They are more than just food; they are a social event - in many places they are no longer used just as a snack between meals but instead they are a way of eating throughout the night during social activities.

They can be made of almost anything; there are no strict rules but many traditional recipes can be found in almost every bar in Spain. Tapas dishes are often served in small cazuelas which are terracotta dishes used for cooking and serving.

In the Basque Country tapas dishes are known as Pintxos and are usually served on bread and speared with a cocktail stick. The cocktails sticks are collected so the staff can see how many you have had at the end of the night; different size sticks indicate different values. This way of eating can be found in many bars especially in the Northern region of Spain.

Larger portions can be ordered to share and are called raciónes.

There are many legends surrounding the origins of the tapa and many towns claim to be the birthplace of these small appetizing dishes. The word tapa means lid or cover so it is likely that the dishes were used as a cover for the drinks they were served with; either to keep out fruit flies or dust. Where and why this all started is a mystery that remains open for debate.


Berenjenas con Miel de Cana


Chorizo a la Sidra


Tortilla Espanola

patas bravas

Patatas Bravas

salted bravas

Salted Almonds

padron pepper recipe

Padron peppers


Chicory with cheese




Table olives

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