Spanish Easter

by Neil Morris

Easter in Spain is a major event and is celebrated on a grand scale; more so than anywhere else in Europe (and probably the world). In Spain, Easter is known as 'Holy week' (Semana santa) and begins a week before Easter Sunday. It is marked by daily processions where religious symbols are carried and traditional Nazareño costumes are worn in colourful but mournful displays of pageantry all over the country. Some celebrations involve floats that are spectacularly decorated with recreations of religious scenes and the whole week ends on Easter Sunday with church services and joyful celebration.

The costumes of the Nazareños can appear quite sinister, with their draping tunics and pointed hoods designed to conceal their faces. The robes date back to medieval times and were worn by penitents, who would dress this way in order to confess their penance without revealing their true identity.

At the end of the week on Easter Sunday, families will gather together to share a large meal and drink a toast to conclude the festivities.

Spanish Easter menu

After starting your day with some traditional buttered hot cross buns, why not continue to celebrate Easter with a Spanish-style three course meal? The following menu has been designed to reflect all the true flavours of Spain and also involves the essential element of sharing.

For a refreshing starter, try this juicy and delicious melon and manchego salad recipe:


And for a perfect main course to share, what could be more Spanish than our wonderful Seafood Paella:


And finally, what better way to end a meal than with a sumptuous Crema Catalana, the original and best custard dessert recipe:


We hope this gives you the inspiration to bring a little Spanish sunshine into your Easter celebrations this year!


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