The Spanish regions

map of spainSpain is a diverse country with complex political and cultural idiosyncrasies that have existed through an often turbulent past. The differences still remain but modern Spain has learnt to recognise, embrace and promote the benefits of regional diversity.

Since the constitution of 1978, the Kingdom of Spain has been divided into 17 autonomous regions known as the 'Estado de las Autonmias' (state of the autonomies). During the transition to democracy after the Francoist regime, these regions were granted the right to self-govern after the state was decentralized.

As well as political differences the Spanish regions also have different climates and landscapes that have a direct effect on the cuisine of each region. Each Spanish region has it own native dishes made from the staple local ingredients and on this page we will explore the different regions and discover the food and drink that are synonymous with each area.

From the green valleys and rugged cliffs of Galicia to the mountain peaks of Asturias; from the vast plains of La Mancha to the volcanic landscapes and tropical climate of the Canary Islands, Spain really is a country that has it all and never stops giving.

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Explore the Spanish regions!

flag of Galicia



flag of Asturias



flag of Cantabria



flag of the Basque Country

The Basque Country


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flag of Castilla y Leon

Castilla y Leon


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La Rioja


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flag of Castlie-La-Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha


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The Balearic Islands


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Canary Islands


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Explore the Spanish regions


Learn about the diversity of landscape, culture and cuisine that exists in the different regions of Spain.