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Spain has some of the finest seafood in the world and with both the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans on their doorstep, is it any wonder that the Spanish consume more fish per head than anyone else in Europe?

Seafood also plays an important part in providing many of the health benefits of the UNESCO recognised Mediterranean diet.

The Spanish diet is perfect for lovers of fish and seafood. The markets in Spain are brimming with a bewildering selection of seafood of the highest quality, sourced from the rich waters surrounding the Iberian peninsula. But its not just fresh fish that the Spanish love; preserving fish is also very popular and salt cod is served just about everywhere in the country. Many other fish such as anchovies, octopus, mussels, razor clams and countless others are preserved in tins or jars and are considered essential components of the Spanish store cupboard. Anchovies are also used to stuff olives and make a delicious and popular tapas snack that can be found in most Spanish bars.

The City of Vigo in Galicia has the largest fishing port in Europe and is also at the heart of the Spanish tinned fish industry. The city is so famous for its fishing that the European fisheries agency has their headquarters there.

You can read more about the role that seafood plays in Spanish cuisine on our Spanish kitchen page here.



salmon with romesco

Salmon with romesco sauce


Salmon and beetroot

Trucha a la Navarra

Trucha a la Navarra


Salmon with asparagus

seafood paella

Seafood paella recipe


Hake with almond and saffron sauce

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