Spanish vegetable recipes


The climate in Spain makes it vegetable heaven! The range and quality of vegetables available is a dream for anyone with an interest in cooking. Vegetables form part of the daily diet in Spain and whole dishes can be based around vegetables, beans or pulses often without the need for meat or fish.

The vegetable dishes listed here are designed to be healthy and nutritious and perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet.

As well as Spanish vegetable recipes this page will also feature recipes that are based on beans, lentils and pulses which are also very popular in Spanish kitchens. Chickpeas in particular are widely used as an alternative to potatoes and are seen as a typically Spanish ingredient.

All recipes that are suitable for vegetarians are marked accordingly and in some cases there are two versions of certain recipes where a veg and non-veg method is listed.

You can read more about the role that vegetables play in Spanish cuisine on our Spanish kitchen page here and you can send us your own dessert recipes by clicking here.


Berenjenas con Miel de Cana


Tortilla Espanola

patatas bravas

Patatas bravas

pisto manchego

Pisto manchego

manchego and melon salad

Manchego and melon salad

coca with courgette

Coca with courgette

salted almonds

Salted almonds

spanish vegetable soup

Spanish vegetable soup

olla gitana

Olla gitana

sopas mallorquinas

Sopas Mallorquinas

spanish onion soup

Spanish onion soup




Ultimate gazpacho

white asparagus salad

White asparagus salad

chicory with cheese

Chicory with cheese

leek and potato soup

Leek and potato soup

padron peppers

Padron peppers

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