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Delicious Spanish recipes are made even more enjoyable when paired with some great Spanish wine. Spain has so much to offer the world of wine and there are always new exciting wines waiting to be discovered. You can also find out more about the Spanish wine regions here.

You can read our latest Spanish wine reviews - and those provided by our guest wine experts, by following the links below. We will also feature the very best reviews submitted by our readers.

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We only list wines that we like; if we do not like a wine, we do not feature it (why bring you bad news?) These are our recommendations; we are confident that if you drink one of these wines you will not be dissapointed.

Our scoring system is based around three main criteria; overall quality (aroma, flavour, balance etc), individuality (regional character and expression) and value to quality ratio:

9+: Truly exceptional wines that excel in all areas.

8+: Great wines that excel in most areas and are good value for money.

7+: Good all round wines; highly recommended but may lack individuality. Great wines that are over-priced may also drop into this range.

6+: Good wines but may be slightly lacking in more than one area. Still recommended.

Latest wine reviews


Limbeu 2009 review

A great wine from D.O. Montsant by Mas de la Caçadora - an organic winery that captures the true essence of the region....



Veinte Grados 2010

Veinte Grados is an elegant wine that harnesses all the positive elements of the local terrain and explicates them confidently into the glass (...more)


Diorama Garnatxa 2011

This is a wine than under-promises and over-delivers; it is more refined than you expect and has a flavour profile that should have wide appeal (...more)


Via Terra Negre 2011

A rewarding wine with unusual character that is rich, rounded and extremely well-balanced. Impressive (...more)


Elios Priorat 2011

Easy to drink yet concentrated and full of character, this is a great way to get your foot in the door of the Priorat wine club without spending the earth (...more)

laya 2001

Laya 2011

A sensational display of fruit; smooth, well-balanced tannins and a background of spice that lingers through the long, fruit-ladened finish(...more)

Luzon 2011

This is a powerful and confident wine which amplifies the character of the Monastrell vines but remains balanced and seductive (...more)

Crash tinto 2011

Perfect for the adventurous Spanish wine drinker who appreciates high-quality modern wine that expresses regional character (... more)


Llebre 2009

Llebre Tinto 2009 is produced by the talented winemaker Tomas Cusine and takes its name from the Catalan name for Tempranillo - Ull de Llebre - which means 'eye of the hare' (...more)

Nekeas Tempranillo Merlot 2010

This is a real crowd-pleaser that would pair well with a variety of food and is not too challenging on the palate (...more)

Gran Cerdo Tempranillo 2010

The moment you open this wine you are hit by the fruity aroma of pomegranate along with hints of blackcurrant and mint (...more)

Quinta el Refugio Tinta de Toro 2009

This 2009 Quinta el Refugio form Bodegas Torreduero is a fine example of what is now being produced in this unique region (...more)

Dominio de Requena Bobal y Tempranillo 2010

Once in the glass, this smooth and medium-bodied wine from Utiel-Requena is instantly agreeable (...more)

Gran Lopez Garnacha Tempranillo

Campo de Borja once again delivers a bargain for lovers of easy-drinking reds (...more)

Cien y Pico

We taste a great wine from the rejuvenated vineyards of Manchuela (...more)

Baron Amarillo Rioja

We discover a respectable Rioja for a bargain price at one of the UK's leading discounters (...more)

Marquesa de la Cruz Garnacha Syrah Mazuelo - 2010

Sainsbury's up their game with this bargain find from the Campo de Borja DO (...more)

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Editors note:

All our wine reviews and articles are completely impartial. We do not offer favorable reviews in return for free wine or incentives. The opinions are our own or those of our guest bloggers/readers where stated. If we do not like a wine, we do not feature it; this page is designed to provide recommendations that will benefit our readers. Please do not send us negative reviews.

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