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valencia recipesmap-of-valenciaRegion: Valencian Community, Comunitat Valenciana (Valencian), Comunidad Valenciana (Spanish)

Capital: Valencia

Provinces: Alicante, Castellón and Valencia

valencia-orangesIt would be hard to talk about Valencia recipes and not mention Paella, after all it is the one dish that many people around the world recognise as the symbolic dish of Spanish cooking. Paella comes in many different forms but the traditional versions come in two main varieties; meat (nearly always chicken and rabbit) and seafood (a mixture of the days catch but predominately whitefish and shellfish).

As you would expect in the birthplace of Paella, rice dishes feature heavily in the local repertoire and Valencia recipes such as Arròs negre (rice coloured with squid ink and served with squid pieces) and Arròs a banda (rice with fish, served as two separate courses) are commonly found along the coast where quality seafood is also in abundance.


Valencian cuisine draws influences from its neighbouring regions and the further you travel towards Catalonia or Castile La Mancha the greater the influence becomes. The influence of the Balearic Islands is also apparent on the coast and Valencia recipes really are a great representation of all that is good about healthy Mediterranean cooking.

Valencia is home the eponymous restaurant 'Quique Dacosta' which was voted best restaurant in Europe 2012 and 2013 by the readers of the popular food blog 'Opinionated about dining'. In 2012, the restaurant in Dénia also appeared for the first time in the prestigious annual 'worlds top 50 restaurant' list organised by Restaurant magazine. The restaurant is one of many in Spain that have maintained the countries reputation of setting the benchmark for world cuisine since the closure of the legendary 'El Bulli' restaurant in 2011.


Sweet Valencia recipes

The region is also great for those with a sweet tooth and the town of Jijona or Xixona is famous for the sweet known as Turrón which is soft nougat made from the almonds that grow extensively in the region.

Another sweet option is the drink known as horchata which is commonly made from almonds or chufas (tigernuts). The drink has spread across Spain and worldwide to Latin American countries where the recipes vary greatly and even include alcohol. Some common ingredients that can be found in horchata are cinnamon, vanilla, sesame, nutmeg and cocoa.

Valencia recipes

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