Veinte Grados - Tierra Hermosa

Reviewed by Neil Morris - 19 August 2013

Baltos-BierzoStyle: Red

Variety: Tempranillo, Syrah, Garnacha

Alcohol by volume: 14%

Year: 2010

Region: Vino de la Tierra Laderas del Genil

Producer: Bodegas Tierra Hermosa

The region

Vino de la Tierra Laderas del Genil

The steep-sloping vineyards of this region are hidden away at high altitude in the Sierra Tejeda Mountains of Granada. The soil is rich in slate and minerals which, when combined with the additional factors of low rainfall, incoming sea breezes and cool night time temperatures, have resulted in a microclimate that is ideally suited to wine-growing. The temperature variation prevents over-ripening and the wines produced here are often characterized by mineral complexity accompanied by a natural display of fresh fruit.

This wine is produced by Bodegas Tierra Hermosa under the guidance of passionate British wine maker Harry Hunt who, along with his associates, has recognised the immense potential of this emerging region. Because Veinte Grados is blended with an older vintage it does not fall into a DO category but the wine maker has the freedom to fine-tune the wine to his exact requirements.

Veinte Grados refers to the twenty degree shift in temperature that occurs at this high altitude and helps to give the wine its unique characteristics.

The wine

Veinte Grados is an elegant wine that harnesses all the positive elements of the local terrain and explicates them confidently into the glass. Free from the shackles of DO regulation, this blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha is further enhanced by the addition of a 2008 wood-aged Syrah that adds intricate depth.

The fruit aromas are pleasingly raw at first, like freshly-picked blackberries, followed by a subtle nod of violet and the slightest trace of sour cherries. A well-balanced armory of flavours consisting of crisp fruit, ancient mineral and warm wood lingers harmoniously on the palate before making way for a finish of black pepper and vanilla.

This is a naturally fresh and sophisticated wine with a subtle twist of complexity that is also very easy to drink. A perfect ambassador for the new wave of Andalucian wines that will soon be heading our way.

Rating: 8.5/10 (info on scoring system)

Venite Grados / Tierra Hermosa

Price: £9.99 from Vi-vino wines (UK supplier)

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